Tuesday, September 1, 2009

And now, a word from our correspondent

My bezzie mate Susie is also owner of a blog with a very similar slant to mine - we have often stated that we share a brain, in fact, I believe we said just those exact words in a Film Board application (shockingly, that film wasn't selected for funding...erm). We've even spoken about her possibly contributing to this blog from time to time. In the meantime I wanted to link to her latest post I discovered a moment ago as it truly fits the remit of this blog...

onwards & upwards - farming in the sky

and Sue... Woolly Pockets? Ummm... Gimme some of those bad boys! That could truly be the solution for mini concrete patches like ours. Imagine a wall full of flowers and lettuces! Imagine how happy that would make the bees!

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