Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Guerilla Gardening

Hello again after a busy and extended weekend... My joints are still feeling it as I sit here at the computer. Oooh erg.

I just came across the idea of guerilla gardening of which several groups are popping up in cities worldwide. Thanks to these groups, gardens are slowly emerging in some amazing places. Check it out!

These folks find bits of disused/abandoned urban earth and transform it into garden space... illegally! Huzzah for that. Considering helping community groups and spaces seems the last thing on politician's minds these days, it's nice to know there are people taking things into their own hands. I particularly love the idea of the plant donation/recycling - for example, if you're changing your garden and have unwanted healthy plants, they are perfect for inclusion in the guerilla gardens rather than ending up in landfill. Genius points for that.

And don't even get me started on some of the fun and hilarious tools these guerilla gardeners are developing to create their gardens secretly. I'm especially loving the "His 'n' Hers Subversive Gardener Attache Case."

It looks like I'm late to the party and there is already a small guerilla gardening community in Ireland, I'd love to get in touch and start a few of our own digs. Ooooh I feel a documentary coming on. I did recently have the idea that I wanted to convert a large-ish cement patch in my neighborhood into alotments for locals, but knowing all the red-tape that would be involved scared me off a bit. Guerilla gardening could be an interesting alternative.

Who's with me?

My "good person" rating below is definitely on the side of "really liked it" as it's good for community, nature and urban good person projects!

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