Monday, September 21, 2009


No, not the charitable kind, instead the kind you find popping up in your garden. Urban gardening is a strange thing, my neighborhood suffers from a huge lack of greenery, yet despite this, an amazing amount of plants have sprouted up of their own accord in the pots in my little back garden. I have a full blooming heather, a willow tree, some sea grasses, maiden-hair ferns, and loads more that I am yet to identify. Which is sometimes the danger with volunteers - some might be simple weeds, while others are worthy of replanting into their own pots! An eye for identifying plants is definitely helpful in the volunteer arena.

My favorite volunteers? A couple of tomato plants that just popped up into my Clematis pot... They've grown a good bit more since this original photo, and I've since transplanted them to their own home. It's too bad the summer's over - I have a feeling there will be no real activity out of these bad boyz.

Here's the results of the great tomato transplant, we'll see if they survive.

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