Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

Today is the 40th birthday of Earth Day. That happy-go-hippy day where people are supposed to take a moment to think about this blue planet we're on, and ways to help it, whether that means, spreading the word about climate change, leaving the car at home, enjoying a walk in the park or a stroll on a beach, going greener in various aspects of your life... and so on.

The crowd behind Earth Day are encouraging "acts of green" which is a great idea, but what if you're a bit unsure what to do? Foodie newsletter Tasting Table has come to the rescue by puttin together a Go-Green guide, which I am happy to share with you all.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The USA's answer to DublinBikes

If you read this blog on occasion you may be familiar with my reporting on DublinBikes - the city wide scheme that gives you access to bicycles on several city centre stands for either an annual membership of €10 or 3-day passes for something like €2. Pretty good right?

Looks like the scheme (which is already successful in Paris - and I think Amsterdam) is now headed to the US with Denver being the inaugural city (you can vote on the next city they come to). I think anything to get people out of their cars and onto their feet (or two wheels) is a step in the sustainably right direction. These 'B-cycles' as they're called, look a bit more high-tech than the ones we've got here with GPS and data logging to tell you how many calories you're burning etc. Even the electronic bike stands have a low environmental impact as they run off solar panels. Brilliant stuff.

I've become a HUGE fan of Dublin Bikes as of late. It took me a while, at first they felt awkward, heavy and slow when compared to the mountain bike I usually cruise around in. But the handiness of having them around for those quick jaunts around town is invaluable. I'm lucky enough to have a stand super close to my house and near all my usual haunts, the band's practice studio, the bank, exchequer st. etc. LOVE EM.

Visit the B-cycles site
Visit the DublinBikes site

Monday, April 19, 2010

Paris' 1st Sewing Cafe

I think I need to move to Paris. I've been slowly growing obsessed with the place (Just check out my other artsy-site for the proof) but now I see even more that they have people opening places that pull at my heartstrings of amazingness.

Welcome to Sweat Shop, Paris's only sewing cafe

Basically it operates like an internet cafe, where you can rent a machine on an hourly rate while sipping your cafe creme and tucking into a lovely buttery croissant. Plus, they have classes and workshops which I'm sure are a great place to find inspiration and friends of the same crafty persuasion. Classes even include a "couture class" for learning to perfect technique. Hello. I definitely need that. Or let's be honest, even just a beginners class.

I love their ethos too:
"Welcome to a world of creativity, a place of discovery, of DIY ethics, a piping hot cup of tea and funky furniture. Enjoy organic delicacies courtesy of our New York neighbors at Bob's Juice Bar. Enter into a serene atmosphere where work and relaxation go hand in hand."

Sustainability annnnd fun: "Bored of buying, wearing, throwing away? Fix that seam, make a dress out of those trousers or even design and create a brand new silhouette."

Thanks to Angela Scanlon & the Guardian for passing on this link!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Free Talulah Does The Hula Download

my band, Talulah Does The Hula, are offering a remix of our previous single, Bad Boyfriend, for the grand sum of nought! We held a little remix competition at the end of last year and you can download the chosen track below, but you can also listen to and download the other remixes on our mySpace page:

Download Bad Boyfriend (Cast Aside Brides Remix)

The track will feature on our next double-A side single for the songs 'Don't Panic' and 'Real Friends' and will be released on the 7th of May.

We will be hosting a single launch Upstairs in Whelans where we'll be playing alongside Hello Moon & The Evening Watch. Tickets are a mere €7. Feel free to post and re-post the track wherever you like.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

2 Foodie Quickies

Everyday I receive a newsletter from the very lovely foodie crowd "Tasting Table". Today they sent me two mails I just had to share.

Always with a finger on the pulse of new food trends, they've uncovered the latest in old-fashioned comfort foods brought bang up to date.

First off... Grilled Cheese. Oh yeah, these were a luxury for me as a kid as rarely did anything unhealthy or dyed dare cross our Californian lips. However I know personally that my own adult grilled cheeses aren't half bad (whole grain delisho breads grilled up in some garlicky EVOO) Well now it appears there is an online "Grilled Cheese Academy" where you can research and submit delicious cheesy goodness as brought to you by the cheesy good folks from the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board:

At the moment my favorite is "The Lil Kahuna" it's like a Hawaiian Pizza...sandwich. However I'd definitely swap out the Hawaiian sweet bread for something more like, whole wheat ciabatta or something. YUM.

For seconds, Tasting Table have offered up a new desert trend I'd happily get behind, Cake Balls. Yeah, you read that right CAKE BALLS.

Simply put, it's squashed-up-crumbled-up cake, mixed with frosting, rolled into balls and then dipped in chocolate. Uh huh. No need to worry about perfectly crack-less, smooth, fantastically frosted cakes. Just squash it up. However TT has to give credit to "The Cake Ball Company" for coming up with the idea.


I'm off to stuff my face in comfort.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Keeping It Up

I've been terrible about keeping this blog up. Being unemployed you would think I would have lots and lots of time to laze around looking up amazoballs things on the Internet... but instead I have put all of my energy into various projects and looking for more work. I guess when I was working in the office I had much more computer/desk time to kill.

I don't want to put a moratorium on this blog, but I do need to say I won't be putting as much energy into it as I simply don't have the time. Possibly part of the reason I haven't updated in a while is my worry that there isn't enough direction to this blog. Is it a travel blog? Foodie? About sustainability? More like a place where I discuss random lifestyle thingies. I have lots of posts planned, I still seem to photograph many of the dinners I cook, so there is definitely more to come.

In fact, I have a proper post planned right now... and one that is actually related to the idea behind this blog. Woo Hoo. Here we go.

Looks like high street staple H&M have started a new line of sustainable clothing. It's called the Garden Collection and it's made up of a lot of flowy florals perfect for Spring/Summer.

I'm like like liking this little red number:
For more info... visit them here: The H&M Garden Collection