Monday, August 17, 2009

Welcome to the Experiment

Ahem... well... how do we get started here. Perhaps, it's best to explain the point of setting up this little blog.

I'm no journalist, and certainly not the most expressive writer out there, but I felt I had a lot of ideas rattling around in my head and I wanted a place to keep them. I also wanted to journal my adventures in making myself a bit of a better person.

Yep. A better person. You see, I'm a pretty average urban-dweller for my age: Decent education, liberal-views, long-term-relationship but unmarried, home-owner, a "professional", with a slight perpetual childhood. I like to have fun, I do what I want, but I also would like to try to make the impact of my existence on this planet for the good. My "experiment" is to see how possible it is to make choices that are good for the world, while still leading a normal life, enjoying myself, not going broke and well, without becoming a crazy preachy hippy. Is it possible?

Realistically this blog is going to be my placeholder for the little projects I'm working on and all the interesting tid-bits I've come across in my daily life. I'm hoping that over time I can look back at see positive changes in my life, and the world - even tiny ones.

And just who am I? I'm a California-raised, former New York blow-in, who is now an ex-pat living in Dublin for nearly 8 years. I went to film school and also have a grad degree in interactive media. Professionally I consider myself a filmmaker, I make short films & music videos and work as a video editor/multimedia manager during the 9 to 5 to pay the mortgage, put food on my table, shoes on my feet and treats under the nose of my cat. I play music in a band which is not my profession, but is certainly more than just a lark as it is quite time-consuming and expensive, but still the greatest fun.

Being at a computer for the majority of the work-week I spend a lot of time online and certainly know a thing or two about it's inner-workings and have more than a handful of websites, profiles and blogs that I look after, probably to my detriment, as The Internet is my biggest time-burglar, but also a huge source of a passing daily amusement. Expect links to funny from time to time.

Anyways, here's to the adventure... x jessie

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