Thursday, September 3, 2009

Goin' Green at Leccy Piccy

"Growing" interest in sustainable culture, food & GIY rears its head at Ireland's fav Summer Fest.

Ireland's Electric Picnic Festival takes place this weekend, the last major festival of the summer on this lil Island of ours. I've always loved the fact that there is a "green" aspect to the festival, with their Eco Cup policy, Bin Your Empties Stations and and Energy Efficiency policy amongst loads of other eco-friendly areas, art, stages etc.

This year it seems they're taking it even further with their "Global Green" area, which will be made up of stalls from groups like Cultivate, ReDress, WEEE Ireland, Slow Food and more. There is also going to be something called the "Rethink Tank" which they say includes Sustainability talks & discussions. Perhaps considering the lineup leaves a little to be desired, this will be a nice area to spend the weekend - especially for me, as this year I am actually feeling my age and not half as excited about the festival as I have been previous years.

Some other brilliant things listed on their "Green Map":
  • Bicycle Powered Cinema
  • Body & Soul Stage made from recycled wood sourced onsite
  • Compost Toilets
  • Tents made from recycled cardboard
  • Solar Powered & Pedal Powered Phone Recharging
  • and MORE!

Check out the Electric Picnic's Eco Policy here:
and you can also download their "Green Map" by clicking here.

I also heard some of the folks from Grow Your Own Ireland speaking on the radio today. They will also be at the picnic to give more talks about getting your hands dirty with planting food. I'm yet to check it out myself, but their website can be found at

See yizzal at the picnic! I'll be the difficult-to-age person attempting to clutch on to my youth while watching bands that were around before my youth. And that there is the EP in a nutshell eh?

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