Thursday, September 24, 2009

It you can't find it... Make it!

I've always loved creating projects on the aul sewing machine... I am however, no dress maker - no, my sewing projects are generally limited to purses, bags and other carrying devices. I'm not really sure why, but that's what I seem to engineer as soon as I've got fabric in my hand.

Some of my more successful items include canvas and oil-cloth shoulderbags specifically created to carry two-litre water bottles, and possibly my greatest ever feat of engineering (that still needs a bit of stitching) a bespoke bag I created for my mate Lauren's Roland AX-1 Keytar complete with shiny red outside, adjustable strap, lots of padding and super fuzzy leopard print on the inside. I must get a picture of it for the site.

One of my most recent projects began life as a bag, but ended up as a "love heart knitting cushion". Basically it's a cushion made from hand-dyed canvas that opens up to reveal clever wool storage - just add needles and a couch and you've got a quiet night in. Below are photos of the results.

This weekend, my plan is to develop a couple of bespoke guitar pedal board/cases. Stiff bottom where the pedals can be velcroed-in and left on stage, and then a zipped top turning it back into a carrying case.

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