Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Earth Does Not Like Your Party

It's no secret that party decorations are not only expensive... but also have a terrible habit for ending up in trash piles. A new recycling site has just come to my attention via the Thrillist list

It doesn't market itself as a "recycling" site, but rather an online marketplace to buy and sell new and gently used party supplies. It does however hint at its subtle green-ness with the catch-phrase of "Saving the Planet One Event at a Time"... so there. I find the idea particularly interesting as not too long ago I was chatting to my cousin about this very subject. He works on big corporate events and mentioned the amount of waste after the party ends is actually a bit disturbing. Swathes of fabric and flowers and bowls with nowhere to go but the dump.

The brilliance of the idea is in its subtlety: all sorts of people are likely to go here for deals, or to make up for the cost of their big aul party rather than simply to be eco-friendly... extra points for slyly getting people to green up whether they realize it or not. Suh-weet.

How perfect is this? I'm giving it three outta five - considering it looks quite pricey to add an item to the site:


  1. Thanks for the great Blog! Just an FYI, there is NO fee to add any items to the site, the seller does not get charged unless the item sells, then it is a very nominal 4.5% transaction fee. You can create a profile and post all day long at NO charge!!