Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Heart Phoenix Park

For those unfamiliar, Phoenix Park in Dublin is a sprawling 1,760 acres of parkland (fields/garden/zoo/swamp) and is the largest urban enclosed park in Europe. And it has deer.


It's my favorite place in Dublin to go for a run, in fact, it's probably my favorite place in the world to go for a run - and that's sayin something for a person who grew up in Santa Barbara.

I just love the way it allows you to be immersed in complete nature, while still in the middle of a capital city. My favorite area is the grassy paths of the deer field - soft and winding, magically picturesque and yep, literally full of deer.

As an aside, announced via twitter this morning, Lance Armstrong has invited the public to join him on a cycle through the place - suh-weet! I'm hoping the fella leaves work early to join the party as he's getting well into bicycling with his fancy Specialized Allez 2009. Schmancy. If you want to join Lance, he's meeting at the roundabout next to the big obelisk pillar at 5:30 pm. I sure wish I could go myself! Say hi to my deer friends Lance!

Here's some recent photos of my favorite run spot:
View while running in Phoenix Park Phoenix Park Deer
Phoenix Park Deer Phoenix Park Deer
My Phoenix Park Run Evening clouds over the Wicklow Hills

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  1. ahhh! magic. and that's like kinda my backyard, too! lovely photos :)