Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm Loving This Idea

Living in Ireland I don't have the Sundance Channel, so I am certainly a bit late in discovering this program - especially seeing as it is already in season 2 - but the idea of it is pretty much along the same lines of what I'm hoping to achieve with setting up this blog...

It focuses on a handful of people who are spreading the good & sustainable food/lifestyle gospel. Sounds very very inspiring. Here's my favorite quote from one of the plow to plate ladies:

"Everybody can be an agent for change. It just starts with the desire to do one thing and then another thing, and the next thing you know you've created a whole shift in the way you think, and the way your community thinks."

The whole thing is sponsored by Kashi cereal company, and I love the little challenges, tips and recipes they include on the website. Later today I'll post one of the challenges here, and my attempt to try it out.

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