Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday crazy busy crazy time

It's Friday and I'm not nearly done with my work, I have so many little shizzly things to do before leaving the office and I haven't posted to the blog in like... two days. ARG. I do have the excuse that I posted a new mixtape on t'other blog today which can be found here:

And... I have a few questions and annoucements:

Question 1. Who keeps stealing the cutlery from the office kitchen? Capel Building residents, you know who you are. Return the forks to the diswasher, I'm not looking, all will be forgiven.

Announcement 1. I might be moving... eeek!

Question 2. Why is it that the time between 3:30pm and 4:30pm simply disappears? Where does it go?

Announcement 2. The band is super busy. Four gigs in the space of eight days... eeek! We've also been selected for HWCH. Yay! But busy!

Hopefully I will actually have some content to add to this blog tomorrow

Rating: only one star for today - I don't like being so crazy busy :(

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