Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kashi Challenge: Grow One Thing

As mentioned in the previous post, cereal company Kashi are the main sponsor of the Sundance Channel series Grains of Change. On their website they have a handful of challenges, little things you can do to make a positive change in yourself & the world... well, doesn't that just suit this blog then? Here's a good one to share with you, despite it probably being a bit too late in the season:

Kashi Challenge: Grow One Thing
Not a green Thumb? Think again! Herbs, Cherry tomatoes, zucchini, strawberries - depending on your area, various foods can be effortless to grow yourself. Start with something relatively simple and see how far you can take this wholesome habit!

Today, challenge yourself to find out what grows in your region and take steps to get what you need to start a planter's box or home garden for this single item.

Now... admittedly, I have been attempting to grow strawberries in my little cement yard for a few years now - last year probably would have been a success had I not had an adolescent kitten who found the green baby berries too tempting as toys - he basically pulled every single berry off the plant before it had the chance to become even slightly pink. This summer I was a bit more successful and ended up with a grand total of 8 edible strawberries. Hey, it's a start right?

Unfortunately, I'll have to admit eating the strawberries was a bit of a disappointment. Despite the hard-earned satisfaction of eating something that I had grown myself, the berries were pretty much bland and flavorless... add to that the gross fact that the fluff of the neighbor-cat seemed to have permeated every surface of every berry despite having been thoroughly rinsed. Hairy flarvorless strawberries were not exactly what I had been hoping for. Here's to trying again next summer.

To illustrate, here's my harvested strawberry pot, as modeled in an action shot with my cat Noel on the right, and the neighbor's cat Bob on the left

Oh look, you can actually watch Noelie and Bob hair-ify my Strawberries right before your very eyes by clicking here

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