Thursday, January 7, 2010

Monument Valley & Red Mesa

After another 5.5 hours on the road from Phoenix back to Red Mesa I was starting to think that Southwestern Roadtrips had somewhat lost their lustre. And I wasn't even the one driving!

However the landscape never failed to intrigue: surreal, vast desert moonscapes, mesas occasionally jutting out of the ground, up into mountains and the snow-covered fir trees. Lucky for us, the car-sick-prone doggie didn't barf, and we arrived without encountering too much snow & ice as we headed North past Flagstaff and Tuba City finally making it back into Red Mesa.

We took a weekend drive to that most epic of Southwestern locations, Monument Valley... which really... well... it speaks for itself.

Couldn't resist taking a photo of the Duke as a cardboard cut-out!

I spent the rest of the week doing a bit of work, and just relaxing, running & walking with my mom & Lucky in Red Mesa. And then one morning, it began to snow. Lovely light snow covering all that burnt siena colored ground. And the dog was in heaven.

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