Thursday, November 12, 2009


Those of you in the know will be well familiar with MO-VEMBER, a cute lil charity-spinner that is in support of Prostate Cancer charities. It basically allows you to sponsor fellas to grow & sport a moustache for the entirety of the month of November. So generally you are paying money to watch your friends and colleagues embarrass themselves all over their face - in the name of charity. Fantastic.

Of course it appeals to the hipster elite (ooooh look what a weird 'tache I can cultivate onto my face) and the manly men (It's SOOOO thick on my upper lip, imagine what I look like down there) and of course those looking for an excuse to be able to head to the office in a not-so-clean-shaven manner (It's for a good cause!) Indeed even women can join in (in a supportive non-hairy way).

I am all for any fun, creative way to raise monz and awareness for a good cause. In fact I have already sponsored my office's team Rogmo & Claytasche - you can help them out as well:

Oh and visit this site if you also want to get in on the hairy action:

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