Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Back in the saddle

Oh it's been a while, but after three incredibly busy weeks, life should be somewhat back to normal.

In those three weeks I've managed to put in that new kitchen as mentioned in previous posts, move out of my home for three years, and have a fun New York vaycay... and watch bezzie mate Susie walk down the aisle in Vegas.

I am however, finding it very difficult to get properly back in the saddle, so instead of writing anything epic, which I am incapable of at the mo', I'll just provide you with some links to ponder. Apologies for the grim nature of both links.

If you're living Stateside, simply pop in your zip code to find out all the grim truths about your nearby environment. http://www.thisweknow.org
Maybe where you live is AWESOME and clean and healthy with no unemployment - then, huzzah! Unfortunately for me, as a person who was brought up in So. Cal and hopes to return there one day, I was pretty disappointed to see the top THREE cities with cancer diagnoses are all Southern California. Yuk.

Topic Two: The Humane Society has just released some truly disturbing footage of some US veal farms... they're hoping the upsetting images will highlight the need for policy reform. Watch if you dare, and have a strong stomache: http://www.hsus.org/farm/news/ournews/veal_investigation_110209.html

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