Monday, November 23, 2009

Kitchen Sink Drama

Remember way back when... I was talking about the stresses of moving house and the possibility of getting a new kitchen?

Well, few updates:
1. we're not moving (see previous post)
2. we did get a new kitchen... yet said kitchen is STILL not done.


It's definitely been a learning experience, with dealing with builders who don't actually have a clue, and standing up for yourself and getting what you need vs. what you want.

We ended up going with Ikea for kitchens... As much as I have qualms about using the Primark of interiors, they were dead cheap and fairly easy to design when using their special software. And when its done it'll be pretty... and there's a lot more counterspace which is mega yay...

However we did not go with Ikea's installation option. It just seemed crazy to spend so much more than the actual kitchen cost for installation. BIG MISTAKE. Tomorrow will be round three of the kitchen fitters returning to re-do the shoddy job they started over a month ago. Again. From improperly installed plumbing to messy carpentry... it's been an experience all right.

When I've got the pretty finished kitchen I'll post lots of shiny photos... but in the meantime, here's the fun we've been dealing with recently:

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