Saturday, April 3, 2010

Keeping It Up

I've been terrible about keeping this blog up. Being unemployed you would think I would have lots and lots of time to laze around looking up amazoballs things on the Internet... but instead I have put all of my energy into various projects and looking for more work. I guess when I was working in the office I had much more computer/desk time to kill.

I don't want to put a moratorium on this blog, but I do need to say I won't be putting as much energy into it as I simply don't have the time. Possibly part of the reason I haven't updated in a while is my worry that there isn't enough direction to this blog. Is it a travel blog? Foodie? About sustainability? More like a place where I discuss random lifestyle thingies. I have lots of posts planned, I still seem to photograph many of the dinners I cook, so there is definitely more to come.

In fact, I have a proper post planned right now... and one that is actually related to the idea behind this blog. Woo Hoo. Here we go.

Looks like high street staple H&M have started a new line of sustainable clothing. It's called the Garden Collection and it's made up of a lot of flowy florals perfect for Spring/Summer.

I'm like like liking this little red number:
For more info... visit them here: The H&M Garden Collection

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