Wednesday, April 7, 2010

2 Foodie Quickies

Everyday I receive a newsletter from the very lovely foodie crowd "Tasting Table". Today they sent me two mails I just had to share.

Always with a finger on the pulse of new food trends, they've uncovered the latest in old-fashioned comfort foods brought bang up to date.

First off... Grilled Cheese. Oh yeah, these were a luxury for me as a kid as rarely did anything unhealthy or dyed dare cross our Californian lips. However I know personally that my own adult grilled cheeses aren't half bad (whole grain delisho breads grilled up in some garlicky EVOO) Well now it appears there is an online "Grilled Cheese Academy" where you can research and submit delicious cheesy goodness as brought to you by the cheesy good folks from the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board:

At the moment my favorite is "The Lil Kahuna" it's like a Hawaiian Pizza...sandwich. However I'd definitely swap out the Hawaiian sweet bread for something more like, whole wheat ciabatta or something. YUM.

For seconds, Tasting Table have offered up a new desert trend I'd happily get behind, Cake Balls. Yeah, you read that right CAKE BALLS.

Simply put, it's squashed-up-crumbled-up cake, mixed with frosting, rolled into balls and then dipped in chocolate. Uh huh. No need to worry about perfectly crack-less, smooth, fantastically frosted cakes. Just squash it up. However TT has to give credit to "The Cake Ball Company" for coming up with the idea.


I'm off to stuff my face in comfort.

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