Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In a pickle...

As an American ex-pat living in Ireland for nearly ten years I've had my fair share of noticing differences in products available for in markets. I remember years ago, asking in the grocery store where the sour cream was kept and got a look as if I had two heads. (Sour cream? Why on Earth would you want it sour?) These days, it's not that bad, a lot of items (sour cream for example) have become pretty normal on the shelves here. Plus I think I've just gotten used to it... and I also certainly eat a lot less processed food than I did in my early twenties, which is mostly the stuff Americans seem to miss. There are, however, those certain items which are just.... different, and whose absence does go noticed by me and my Yank comrades living on these shores. Example?

PICKLES. Not just any old gherkin, we're talking kosher dill pickles. Oh how I miss their salty goodness. The sweet and floppy pickles on offer in Ireland are just no comparison to a good old snappy Claussen.

So I'm thinking, in an attempt to reclaim this favorite burger accompaniment, I might try my hand at making my own. With a little help from Martha of course. Here's the link to the recipe.

There's also overall info about pickling and canning - as well as recipes for tomatoes and jams. Handy if I had an abundance of fruit, and definitely worth reading about for curiosity's sake. Plus, yep, of course it's an exercise in sustainable living and eating. Go on the vintage food revival. Read more here.

Wish me luck!

Photos from http://www.wholeliving.com/

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