Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Making the One Pot Pledge

Hey it's been a while. I'm slowly updating all my millions of blogs while I attempt to work on things which actually pay... and also work on researching a new possible entrepreneurial adventure. Phew!

But in the vein of what this blog is all about, I came across a new campaign that has my green-fingered-food-loving-self all exsi-ed.

The One Pot Pledge is a campaign designed to get people back to the roots of their food chain - literally. Encouraging a simple way to get into growing your own, according to them "you don’t even need a garden – one pot on a window ledge is all you need to get started". Them being the UK's leading organic growing charity, Garden Organic.

Check out their website http://www.onepotpledge.org/ for lots more info on getting involved and taking baby steps towards growing your own - which in turn leads to more sustainability and food health. Color me involved.

In fact, yesterday I put paid to my pledge and got my fingers dirty potting up my zucchini (that's courgette to you), red bell peppers and beefsteak tomatoes. My strawberries that are now three years old have also happily survived the frosts and look like they'll be flowering soon. I've also FINALLY begun my ginormous hypertufa raised beds. Full report to follow.

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