Saturday, February 6, 2010


I haven't been to Disneyland in at least... 15 years, but I remember very very clearly that (aside from the Haunted Mansion - which is amazing) my favorite section was "Tomorrowland." Not because it predicted the future, but because it was like stepping back into the the 50s version of "tomorrow", aka the 60s, which, as a reader of this blog you'll know, I'm a bit obsessed with.

So I found it very amusing today when I ran across an article displaying 1940s Seagrams Whiskey Ads that "predicted the future." No jetpacks and flying cars in these ads, instead they pretty much had a spot-on vision of today's 3D movies, Mobile phones, Skype... oh and a weird grocery store on wheels (Tesco delivery?). Anyways, I enjoyed, so I figured you would too:

"Yesterday's Ads Predicted Today's Tech"

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