Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Freebie - Free (& legalish) music

Now, if you're reading this blog, chances are, I'm preaching to the converted... however, if, like me, you have an insatiable appetite for music, particularly music you may have never heard before, there are multitudes of amazing music blogs that offer free, and usually legal, mp3 downloads.

If you're familiar with my other blog, which posts weekly mixtapes of a variety of music, will know finding new sources of musical inspiration is a big necessity.

Most musicians these days understand the value of giving away remixes or sample singles to their fans for free. Their songs get written about, talked about and played to no end... which is generally great for PR, and in turn, record sales and especially ticket sales.

There's millions upon millions of these blogs, many of them specialized, so one of the best ways to discover your favorite sites is to visit The Hype Machine, which aggregates blogs which post music, allows you to play the track and then gives you the link to the blog from which the post came - as well as links to purchase the track if you were feeling so inclined.

Generally these mp3 links are completely legal and actually sent to the bloggers by record companies/musicians as promotional material. However, I should note that not all the tracks found on blogs are legally put there... anyone dubious about downloading music, I've written my opinions about it on this blog in the past.

Some of my favorite spots to listen to and discover new music are here:
Nialler9 - Dublin-based music blog & podcasts... ahsome new music
Winnie Cooper - Canada based blog that posts great music new & old
Funky 16 Corners - Links to lots of great classic soul 45s
Garage Hangover - Garage! As in, 60s garage 45s
NME Daily Download - new promotional hyped up mp3s every day

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